Welcome to The Front Poarch

Hello and welcome to The Front Poarch! My name is Leah and and this is the home I share with my husband, Phillip. We were married in the spring of 2009 and soon after the idea of The Front Poarch began to take shape. At first, it was just a nickname for our then tiny 2 bedroom duplex however as I began working on small projects for our newly-wed home, we knew that this idea could lead to something more. In February of 2012 we moved into our first home and thus this blog was born! I’m already ahead of myself though.

Here at The Front Poarch we will feature home improvement and decor projects from our home as well as tricks and tips as to how we do things – on a budget! Our hope is to showcase what we do as we trial-and-error our way through DIY projects for years to come.

Today however, before the projects begin, we would like you to meet the first Front Poarch, our first place, where it all began. Welcome to N 9th & Minter.

The living room

Dining room


Phillip and I refer to this as our 2 butt kitchen because well, you can only fit 2 butts in it at one time…….

Guest room

Master bedroom

In the back of the duplex, there was a 2-car carport and with it came the sorriest excuse for a shed that we’d ever seen! The total storage space was about 3′ x 5′ and the best part – it had a tiny door. Here’s Phillip showing off just how tiny it is!

Thanks to our good friend Becca Clay for coming over and taking these pictures at the last minute! If you’d like to see more of  work, head on over to her blog. You can also view the rest of the photo shoot on Flickr.

This tiny duplex was  a great first home for us. It shared in the joys of newly-wed life and hosted our family and friends for nearly 3 years. I would be lying if I said that we were going to miss it, but it won’t soon be forgotten. Goodbye N 9th & Minter!

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