Update: Kitchen

Finally an update as promised! Last week Phillip’s parents visited us from Florida and helped us start a few renovation projects. Since the kitchen is the closest to being done, I thought I’d start with it!

The last time I mentioned the kitchen was in our house tour and we left things looking like this:

The floral wallpaper is a nice touch, don’t you think?

And now, after days of hard work, this is the sight I come home to each day.

Isn’t it just a ray of sunshine??

Most of the wallpaper was taken down while I was at work (thanks Brenda!) so I don’t have many pictures but once the wallpaper was down I had a mostly beautiful blank slate.

After washing the walls I came in with joint compound and textured the walls. We purchased this high-texture roller and after some trial and error on the wall behind the fridge I found it best to transfer the joint compound to a small trough and use a drywall trowel to spread an even coat in small sections. I then gave it another pass with my roller and . . . .

I ended up with this amazing texture! I did use a small, cheap paint brush to reach the sections that the roller couldn’t reach.

We let the texture dry for 24 hours and then Phillip helped me paint. The color is Kelly Moore’s Country Sun.


More updates are coming soon!

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