Update: Kitchen, Part 2

Once we got the kitchen painted and added a service water heater, Phillip and his dad had a few more projects for the kitchen. For a few months now I’ve been dreaming of an eat-in kitchen and after several days of hard work, measuring, adjusting and cutting (again, mostly while I was at work) this beauty now sits in our kitchen!

Here it is with trim and the baseboards put back on. During the building process we realized that we were going to cover up 1 of my 3 kitchen outlets so we were able to move it over, do you see it there on the end?

The coolest feature? The lids lift up and there’s built-in storage! I will be painting the bottom white and staining the top in a dark finish so be sure to look for the finished project in a few weeks!

I also had 1 more project in line to finish up my pantry makeover. . . I left a teaser on my Facebook page today and if you guessed a screen door you would be correct!

When we moved in there was a screen door on the garage side of the kitchen door which I thought was a rather strange place to put a screen door. Phillip took it down and I’ve been saving it ever since for the pantry. He was able to peel the screen back, cut the lateral slats down to size and reattached the same frame piece.

Isn’t it just dreamy??

So what’s left in order for the kitchen to be “done”?

1. paint and stain the eat-in bench

2. purchase and refinish chairs from Exquisite Living to complete the eat-in kitchen

3. paint the screen door

4. Rehang all of my gallery art

5. sand and stain my newly-discovered kitchen desk

Can you believe that this beautiful wood was hidden underneath that ugly blue laminate for probably years! One day I was just really disgusted with it so I decided to start peeling off the trim piece and wouldn’t you know this beauty was underneath.

6. sand and paint my vent hood (which is currently MIA) (and by MIA I mean in the garage)

What do you think?