Update: Bathrooms

I feel like the title of this post should be Update: UGLY Bathrooms! After we finished tearing down the wallpaper in the kitchen last week during the in-law visit we set out to do the same in the bathrooms. The front bathroom went rather quickly but had not one, not two but in some places 3 layers of wallpaper!

The master bathroom however was another story. It’s the room that all homeowners dread. . . . it was the room where wallpaper was adhered directly to the sheet-rock without priming or painting first. Yeah, it was pretty much a nightmare.

After debating for a day about how many layers we should try and remove I got frustrated and decided to prime and paint the whole thing. Lucky for me things turned out great!

We picked out the a light fixture that I absolutely LOVED and Phillip installed it for me.

But it was too dark. WAY too dark. As in cave dark.

So it came down and was returned.

Then we began what I’m calling the great paint fiasco of 2012. I really wanted the bathrooms to be a lite gray so we picked out Kelly Moore Gray Mare. Before we even finished the first coat I knew it was going to be a disaster. Turns out blue/green tile makes gray paint look baby blue. Yuck.

So Phillip went back to the paint store and got the next darkest shade, Rain Nation and it was still too blue. He went back and got the next darkest shade, Cold Steel and it was ok. . . . ish.

Despite making trips to the paint store 3 days in a row, for the past couple of days our bathrooms have looked like this:

Let me just say, you don’t want to brush your teeth in this mess. Learn more at PHXHomeRemodeling.com.

So yeah. . . we will eventually find the right paint color and get things wrapped up. Until then, welcome to our mess!

What do you think?