DIY Foot Stool

Make a foot stool from a side table - thefrontpoarch.comA few years ago my mom came across and old side table that at one time had a penny finish on the top. It had since be removed, and the surface was in rough shape. The table had a home in my brother’s college apartment but when he graduated and moved on, the table made it back to my mom. I’m not one to let free furniture go so I brought it to my house where it sat for a few weeks.

Foot Stool 2Instead of trying to refinish the top, I opted to transform the table into a foot stool for the red smoking chair in my reading nook. Here’s the before and after!Foot Stool Before & After from

To transform a side table of your own, here’s what you’ll need:

  • old side table (mine was about 24″ tall)
  • 4″ foam, large enough to cover your table
  • fabric of your choice
  • paint of your choice
  • spray adhesive
  • serrated knife or electric knife
  • scissors
  • staple gun

The first step is to remove the legs, this makes it easier to paint and since my table was already the height I wanted, I trimmed the legs down about 3″. The legs on my table were a bit stubborn but nothing a little WD-40 and elbow (or finger) grease wouldn’t take care of.Foot Stool 3

You’ll then want to paint your legs and any part of your table that might be visible. Now it’s time to attach your foam to the top of your table. I just happened to have this photo adhesive on hand and it did the trick. Generally, you spray a layer on each surface and wait a few minutes for the glue to get tacky, then adhere them together.

Foot Stool 5

Foot Stool 6Next, using your serrated knife, begin to trim the foam to the size of your table. For me, this meant trimming the corners off to make the square foam into a circle.

*Disclaimer* Be VERY careful when cutting the foam! It can be a bit tricky to get the cut started but do NOT try to use your fingers to help the blade along.

Foot Stool 7Use your scissors to soften the corners of the foam all the way and trim off any excess foam in order to complete your shape.

Foot Stool 14

Similar to Reupholstering Dining Room Chairs make a sandwich, starting with your fabric, print side down, then the foam and the table top (the latter 2 should be attached). Start by stapling 2 points, here, 1 on the left and right side.Foot Stool 9Staple the 2 opposite points, top and bottom and then turn it over to make sure that your fabric tension is correct. Lookin’ good!

Foot Stool 11Continue stapling all the way around, being sure to pull the extra fabric down into pleats.

Foot Stool 10Enlist your handy husband to reattach the legs. . . .

Foot Stool 13

. . . . and trim the excess fabric from the bottom.Foot Stool 12Turn that sucker over and prop you feet up, you just made an awesome foot stool!

Put your Feet up & Relax! -

Foot Stool 1

Have you ever repurposed a side table for another fabulous use?DIY Foot Stool from


Couch Update

So I’ve made another small update to my living room. . . .

. . . can you spot it?

I’ll give you another hint.

So one of the things that I loved about our couch from the beginning was its sleek modern style but I knew I needed a mid-century touch to tie it in with the rest of our furniture. After a little research, I found these tapered legs at Home Depot and although our local store only had 2 in stock I was able to pick up the rest (11 in total) up on a recent out-of-town weekend.

I tried them on our matching chair first and I knew they would be perfect.

I grabbed an extra piece of cardboard from the garage and set-up a small station, punching holes in the cardboard to rest each leg on.

After a few coats of our favorite stain. . .

my little legs were ready to go!

What do you think?

The Candy Bar

As a kid, we had some family friends we would visit each year during Christmas break, Mr & Mrs. Belew. One of my favorite memories of their 1960’s ranch was “the candy bar”. They had a large glass-shelved book case with lights that illuminated shelf after shelf of apothecary jars filled with candy. Some of it was small pre-packaged candy like bite size Snickers or 3 Musketeers but the coolest ones were the jars will loose candy like jelly beans or M&Ms. Each of these jars had a tiny scoop and they had little plastic bags with twist ties and you got to scoop as much candy as you wanted and  fill the bag. The best part? Each of my 3 siblings and I got to make our own bag of candy. OUR OWN BAG. In a family of 4 children, that didn’t happen often. Our annual trip to the Belew’s house is a memory I’ve never really forgotten and inspired my latest project, our own, miniature candy bar.

My favorite candy from the candy bar? Zotz. If you’ve never had a Zotz go buy some on Amazon right NOW (or come to my house)! They are seriously life-changing!

Accompanying our new candy bar is the monthly calender from Go Scout Creative. If you’re not already signed up for their Calendar of the Month Club head on over and sign-up today! At the beginning of each month they’ll send you a cute little calendar that you cut out and display. Calendar + Art = brilliant!

Do you have a favorite candy?

How to Surprise your Friends

Step 1: eat a good breakfast

Step 2: borrow dollies from all of your other friends

Step 3: stop by a hoarding sale

Step 4: buy a $2 pendant light in your favorite color

Step 5: load a moving truck

Step 6: walk the dog

Step 7: move into the new house

A few weeks ago we had the great privilege of welcoming our friends Keith & Amy into the world of home ownership. We decided to not tell them we were coming and instead surprise them the morning of! Things went pretty much as planned and we were so busy moving, we forgot to take a picture together. (I know, I know, I’m a bad blogger.) In lieu of my oversight, here’s a picture of the four of us just a year ago at Keith’s graduation.

Congrats Keith & Amy! We look forward to visiting your new home for many years to come!

My Yankee Doodle Dandy

A few days ago our family said goodbye to our sweet, sweet Grandad and while we mourn his death, we celebrate his life.

He was born Billy Day Marshall (a name he despised) on July 4, 1924 in Madison County, Texas. As if this day wasn’t special enough in it’s own right, rumor has it that despite being in the middle of a hot Texas summer, it snowed that day in Madisonville.

In the early summer of 1945 he joined the United States Navy because, “boys were getting drafted and nobody wanted to march in the Army!” He would spend his 18th birthday at boot-camp.

From there he received training in processing microfilm which would become his post-Navy career.

2nd row, far right

He would often say that he changed his name, to William Day Marshall, “just a soon as I got the chance!”

He married my grandmother, Carline Colwell, on Christmas Eve of 1944 and was soon discharged from Navy. They began their married life in Houston, Texas, where they raised their twin daughters, my mom, Janelle and aunt, Ladelle.

I think the role that suited him best was that of Grandad. He and Grandmother taught us all the wonderful things that grandparents are supposed to teach you like warm Shipley’s donuts are the absolute best, true Texans drink Dr. Pepper and there’s no substitute for Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream.

3 Oaks, Madisonville, Texas, 1993

He loved God, his family and of course, his country. The 4th of July has always been a highly celebrated holiday in my family because unlike most, we had a real yankee doodle dandy.

Bolivar Peninsula, Texas, 2006

At the time of our wedding in May 2009, he was my only living grandparent and he beamed with pride that day. He picked out and wore his bright purple ACU tie just for the occasion. He was so proud that his grandchildren were able to attend ACU, the same school his daughters wanted to attend but was financially out of reach. The highlight of the night for me, and most of my family, was watching Grandad as he listed to the steel drum band that played at our reception, it was like he was hearing music for the first time. He clapped and hummed along the entire evening and then talked about the experience for years to come.

Erinshire Gardens, Abilene, Texas, 2009

Grandad – we miss you terribly but it won’t be long before we meet again. Thanks for loving us but most of all, thanks for being our Grandad.

You can also view the obituary and see lots more great photos.