The Man Behind the Blog

I have come to believe that behind every great DIY blog, there is a great man.

This blog is no exception.

The Man 11And today, out of all the days of the year, happens to be this great man’s very special day. Today is his birthday.

He’s my IT guy and my accountant, he does my marketing and runs that analytics stuff.

The Man 3He’s my muscle and my furniture commandeer-er. The Man 4He’s my all around handy man, my carpenter. . .Cutting Hutch Backing. . . and my holiday chef.

The Man 5

He voluntarily vacuums our house. . .

The Man 9. . . and our stove. . .

The Man 7

. . . and he takes me to the beach in the middle of November when it’s drizzling and no one else is there because it’s freezing cold and I just have to go because we’re so close and I might not make to the beach again for a long, long time.The Man 14But most of all, he’s my best friend. We do this thing called life together and it is joy and an honor each and every day.

The Man 15And because of all the wonderful things he is and all the wonderful things he does, we are able, together, to write this little blog we call The Front Poarch.

The Man 8Happy Birthday Phillip!

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