The Candy Bar

As a kid, we had some family friends we would visit each year during Christmas break, Mr & Mrs. Belew. One of my favorite memories of their 1960’s ranch was “the candy bar”. They had a large glass-shelved book case with lights that illuminated shelf after shelf of apothecary jars filled with candy. Some of it was small pre-packaged candy like bite size Snickers or 3 Musketeers but the coolest ones were the jars will loose candy like jelly beans or M&Ms. Each of these jars had a tiny scoop and they had little plastic bags with twist ties and you got to scoop as much candy as you wanted and  fill the bag. The best part? Each of my 3 siblings and I got to make our own bag of candy. OUR OWN BAG. In a family of 4 children, that didn’t happen often. Our annual trip to the Belew’s house is a memory I’ve never really forgotten and inspired my latest project, our own, miniature candy bar.

My favorite candy from the candy bar? Zotz. If you’ve never had a Zotz go buy some on Amazon right NOW (or come to my house)! They are seriously life-changing!

Accompanying our new candy bar is the monthly calender from Go Scout Creative. If you’re not already signed up for their Calendar of the Month Club head on over and sign-up today! At the beginning of each month they’ll send you a cute little calendar that you cut out and display. Calendar + Art = brilliant!

Do you have a favorite candy?

One thought on “The Candy Bar

  1. How cute is that! Now you just need to find some excited kids to share the candy with so it does not get stale. Too CUTE!!!

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