Kitchen Gallery Art: A Good Quote

As I mentioned in my Kitchen Gallery Art tutorial, I believe that a meaningful quote can tie a wall together. After I stumbled upon the Julia Child quote, I began digging through my stash of frames to find something that was large enough for all of that text. In our duplex, this sign hung above the front door and although I love the text and the detailed frame, I am no longer in love with the style.

I whipped out my trusty collection of spray paint and gave this baby a good coat of primer and then gloss white.

Ahh, much better. I then set to work typing out my text and choosing a background color. I for this simple project, I used Publisher but any type of editing software would work. I didn’t have any 11×17″ card stock so I opted for 2 pieces of 8 1/2×11″.

I then trimmed them down to size and made sure they fit perfectly.

On my first attempt (shown below) I used my trusty hot glue gun. The only trouble was that the thickness of the glue made the seam very noticeable. I wasn’t having it so it ripped up the paper and glue, printed another copy, trimmed it down to size and re-glued it with craft glue.

Here’s the final version, I’m really happy with the way it turned out!

I love how it ties the wall together and gives it a finished look.