DIY Bubble Shower Curtain

When I was dreaming up my bathroom makeover I knew the shower curtain would be the a main focal point. After searching and searching and finding nothing that would fit, I decided to create one of my own!

TFP Shower Curtain 1

As luck would have it, I happened upon a curved shower curtain rod for just $10 on Craig’s List. Ten. Dollars. Needless to say, I snatched it up right away! No matter what type of shower curtain rod you have, you can still create this look. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2 canvas drop cloths (or 1 that you cut in half and hemmed)
  • 3 shades of blue craft paint
  • 3 different sized ‘circles’
  • gray or silver/shimmery craft paint
  • scotch guard
  • piece of cardboard/cardstock for paint

TFP Shower Curtain 2 TFP Shower Curtain 3

Start by making a circle with each color of blue paint, this will help you evenly apply the paint to the rim of each ‘circle’.

TFP Shower Curtain 4

Starting with your largest ‘circle’ dip the rim in each paint color, one at a time, and stamp bubbles up and down each curtain pane. I chose not to wipe off the paint color before going to another one because it created a marbled/ombre effect on some bubbles.

TFP Shower Curtain 5

Repeat the same process with your medium and small circles as well.

TFP Shower Curtain 6

Now that you’ve stamped all 3 circles sizes, take a step back and make sure you don’t have any ‘empty’ spaces. If you do, go back and stamp a few more bubbles.

Now grab your silver paint of choice and stamp circles in all three sizes, overlapping and filling in any additional open spaces.

TFP Shower Curtain 7

For me the silver paint was more of a background color or a shadow so I didn’t worry about the placing too much, I just stamped it wherever I thought it looked good!

TFP Shower Curtain 8

After the paint is dry, hang your shower curtain and give it a few coats of Scotch Guard.

TFP Shower Curtain 9

And there you have it, your very own DIY Bubble Shower Curtain!TFP Shower Curtain 1

You could stamp any shape you can dream up like stars or leaves from your yard. What do you think, what shape would you stamp?


PS – You can see the overall progress of the bathroom here and a tutorial for DIY Driftwood Art here.

Vintage Blue & Gold Coasters

In keeping with January being National Organization Month I took time last week to finish a simple project I’d been putting off for WAY too long.

Since my sweet Grandad died last spring our family has been going through his belongings and finding hidden treasure. Grandad processed microfilm most of his life and even had the opportunity to work for Nasa during the Apollo missions. He acquired lots of great memorabilia not these least of which are these gold and blue coasters that found a new home at my house.

When I got them the tops were mostly in good shape, nothing a little scrub down wouldn’t fix but the felt backing had almost completely disintegrated.

TFP Coasters 4


I carefully measured the circumference and cut black circles out of cardstock with my Silhouette Cameo.

TFP Coasters 2TFP Coasters 3


I then glued each circle to the back of each coaster and sealed it with a coat of Modge Podge.

TFP Coasters 8

TFP Coasters 9

And then they sat. . . in my craft room . . . for probably 3 months or so. . . . I just got so consumed with holiday decorations and plans that I couldn’t make time to finish them!

Finally last week when I pulled them back out and cut out the felt backing that they needed to be ‘finished’.

TFP Coasters 13

I again turned to my friend Modge Podge to attached each felt circle.TFP Coasters 14

After sitting over night to let the glue dry I trimmed any overhanging felt and called it a day.

TFP Coasters 15

Now we get to use these beauties everyday.

TFP Coasters 16

TFP Coasters 17

TFP Coasters 18


What projects are on your to-finish list this weekend?