Strike 2

Last week I introduced you to one of my on-going sagas when I tried to hang my large painting using disc hangers. I soon moved onto Plan B and purchased these velcro command straps.

Again, I carefully read the instructions, and began by cleaning both the back of the painting and the wall and adhering 1 stripe to each corner.

I then removed the backing and pressed the painting aganist the wall for 30 seconds. After that I tried to remove the painting as instructed and ended up with this. . .

Yeah, once again the back of the masonite board was too rough and the adhesive strips just didn’t stick.

So now I’m off to find plan C. . . Several of you have suggested framing the painting and I may have to resort to that. I’m hesitant to frame it because I love the simple unaltered look of this piece, and I don’t want a frame to interfere with it.




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