Spring Project

Have you ever decided to work on a project. . . . and then not done it? As in, had a plan, made a list, then procrastinated. . . .for 6 months . . . .and did absolutely nothing . . . . yeah, I did that. Last fall. I was supposed to work on the back yard and well, things are still looking pretty bleak. Let’s just take a look around, as you look out our back door, the back left corner will hold our spring garden.

TFP Garden 2

The center part of the yard has lots of dead trees. . . .

TFP Garden 3. . . . and the back right corner isn’t looking much better.

TFP Garden 4

Yikes. Looks like we have our work cut out for us.

In the name of accountability and of actually getting something done this spring, I’ve decided to share my plan with all of you.

Here’s my project list:

  • Remove dead trees and all other dead plants
  • Weed and seed the entire yard
  • Regularly water the yard through the summer
  • Plant a vegetable garden
  • Rid the yard of mosquitoes
  • Create a well-lit eating area
  • Build a fire pit with wrap around seating

We got a jump start a few weeks ago when Phillip tilled a garden space for me.

TFP Garden 1It’a a small plot, probably 4×6′ but I think it’s plenty to start off with.

TFP Garden 5My friend Katie also gave me this awesome vintage patio table.

TFP Garden 6The finish is mostly in great shape but It will eventually need to be sand blasted and repainted.

TFP Garden 7

It also has a hole in the middle for an umbrella but the part I’m most excited about are these chairs. They’ll hopefully have some new cushions in the near future!

TFP Garden 9So there you have it, I laid it all out so now I have to follow through. Feel free to ask me how it’s going or even come help me out on a Saturday afternoon! Do you have any big projects you’re hoping to tackle this spring?





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