Recent Finds

I’ve come across a few ‘great finds’ in the past few weeks so I thought I’d share! Last week Phillip and I were walking through Walmart and I spotted curtain panels on the clearance aisle. They were my favorite color, aqua/teal, and as luck would have it, there were only 2 floor length panels left! I quickly snatched both packages for only $10 a pop!

I, of course, had to hang them as soon as we got home and I knew instantly they were here to stay!

I also nabbed these 2 square bowls which haven’t found a home yet.

Finally, a few weeks ago my mom was here and I introduced her to the ReStore. If you just said, “What’s the ReStore?” get off your couch and go find the one in your city, you won’t be disappointed! During our adventure I was able to snag these two doves for just $1 a piece.

They too are still looking for a home. What about you, find any good deals lately?

What do you think?