Pantry Makeover

One of my favorite features of our new home is our pantry, I knew when we first moved in that it would be one of my first projects. As we moved, I really just threw a bunch of stuff in there, knowing that I would soon re-do and reorganize the whole thing.

Can you say disaster?

A few weeks ago I began unloading it piece by piece and soon I had a whole table full (and floor full) worth of food and appliances! Yikes! What a mess!

I was left with a blank, although grimy, slate!

I set to work and filled all of the nail holes in with joint compound and after a good sanding, gave it some texture too. The entire interior got a few coats of white paint as well as ALL of the shelving which I sanded down, primed and painted.

I knew I wanted to do some sort of stencil on the back wall and when I came across the idea of polka dots, I was sold! After a few hours of tracing and painting, I was left with this!

Yellow is my FAVORITE color and hopefully in fall my entire kitchen will be this shade of yellow, Kelly Moore Country Sun.

After arranging a few things and creating a new spice storage system (more to come on that later) I was left this beauty.

Hope you enjoyed!

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