DIY Garden Art: Mushroom

If you go the ReStore very often, you know it’s always good for one thing: glassware. Everything from bowls to stemware, vases to vintage tumblers can be found a pretty regular basis. When I visited my local ReStore last Saturday I found the inspiration for this cute little mushroom that now has a home in my front flower bed!

Here’s what I found, this small vase for $1 and this detailed candy dish for $.50.

I wanted to paint them but I was afraid that it might chip off from the wear and tear of being outdoors so I decided I wanted to paint the inside of these two pieces. I taped off the exterior with painters tape and gave the interior two coats of Krylon Gloss in White.

The finished product was looking really good but I still had one more issue to tackle.

As it turns out, most glass bowls/candy dishes and make out of thick, substantial glass that is pretty heavy while most vases are very thin and fragile. I discovered this while at the ReStore and I was able to pick two pieces that were evenly matched but I was still worried about my little mushroom being top heavy and falling over. To remedy this I gathered a few small rocks and placed them in the vase before I glued the 2 pieces together.

A little two-part epoxy and eight hours later I had this beauty!

It’s home is in my front flowerbed next to my crepe myrtle and rock collection! (Please do not pay attention to the withered looking wandering jew. Turns out Abilene in August is really hot and it doesn’t rain much, who knew??)

Needless to say, I’m on the hunt for more ‘mushrooms’ but I think for  my next one I will paint the cap a different color. Classic red perhaps?

What do you think?