Living Room Curtains

Our house is still quite a mess from our marathon of renovations last week but as promised I’ll have an update for you later in the week – the good, the bad and the ugly!

After we traded out our couches, the living room was finally starting to come together. I decided that the next major step would need to be curtains. (These curtains were in the living room but since I painted a few weeks ago, the fabric was just to close to the wall color.) For weeks I’d been buying sample fabrics and pinning them across the window until I visited our local Hancock Fabrics (Abilene’s only real fabric store) and stumbled upon this green and coral print. It was already on clearance for $14.95 and they were having a HUGE sale so I got it for 70% off of that. I bought the entire bolt!

As it turns out, even with the rest of the bolt, I still didn’t have quite enough fabric to cover my large windows. I started to brain storm other ideas and then it hit me, a color block would be perfect! I ordered a few yards of solid colored coral fabric and set to work using this tutorial from Alison at House of Hepworths.

The tutorial was great and gave detailed, step-by-step instructions (with pictures!) on how to press, line and sew curtain panels. Since I had 2 different fabrics, I stitched the pieces together after I ironed each piece but before I started to fold and iron the side seams. If you do this, be sure to iron the seam as well so it will lie flat!

The entire process took me a total of about 4 hours and before you knew it my living room went from looking like this. . .

. . . to this!

Pretty dreamy huh?

PS – Alison also has a great tutorial on how to make cheap curtain rods, which I used as well.

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