Let the painting begin!

When I left you last, our guest room and office looked something like this. . .

. . .and this (notice the huge crack in the wall). . .

Needless to say, these rooms were prime candidates for our first home renovation projects. A few weeks ago, Phillip took a day off and worked with some family friends of ours who do home improvement projects. They were able to patch this huge crack (and many other small ones). At this point, the rooms looked a little bit more like this.

Phillip and I have both painted before but we’ve never painted together, and thus, this led to a great learning experience. Through trial and error, we figured out that I am MUCH better at painting the edges, or, cutting-in if you will  (I’m very much a detailed person!) while Phillip is much better and rolling and rolling quickly – he covered a lot of wall in not a lot of time! We began on a Friday night and I would go around and sand and wipe all of the places that had been patched. The other day, I came across some really good ideas on JustDIYDecor.com, which I fathomed, would help me liven up the space after the painting was done.

Phillip would then come behind me and fill any spots that needed more texture.

On Saturday morning, we began tag-teaming both rooms and things went rather quickly.

After Phillip was done rolling and the paint dried, I then went back and rolled any balled spots (Can you tell I’m the detailed one??) By the end of Saturday we were done!

I have to admit that this was my first experiment in painting a room while not using tape. We hope to eventually replace all of the trim work and flooring in our house so we weren’t too worried about drips and spills but regardless, I wanted the finished product to look good. Over all it was a success although I feel like if we had nice trim I would have given the time to tape everything to avoid our minor accidents.

Here are a few finished (more like in-progress) photos of the office/craft room.

Yeah! No more crack in the wall!

I say in-progress because as you can see, this room still has a long way to go! Our goal is for it to house our desktop computer and Phillip’s desk, my craft table and supplies and my sewing area. As for the guest room, you’ll have to check back later for a full set of ‘after’ photos but here’s a little sneak peak!

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