Kitchen Gallery Art: A How-to Guide

As you walk in our front door, there’s a large wall above our kitchen table that I knew would be a prime candidate for a wall of gallery art. After weeks of planning here’s the ‘finished’ result! (I say ‘finished because I fully intend to move some things and add new things.)

Dreaming of an art-wall of your own? Follow these easy steps for a Pinterest worthy result!

  1. Find a focal point that you love!

If you know much about me, you probably know that I love Fiestaware. I mean I LOVE it, or as Alison from House of Hepworths would say, I lurve it! For several years I’ve had a Fiestaware poster similar to this one and I knew it would be a great focal point for the art wall. At first, I didn’t have a frame for the poster so in it’s place, I taped off its’ dimensions with painters tape. Keep in mind that this point does NOT have to be the center of your art wall, it simply needs to be something that will draw the eye and inspire the rest of your wall.

Once it was framed, it looked more like this.

2. Tape twice, hammer once.

As you begin to collecting items, try them out with painters tape to see if you like the placement of each piece. This will allow you move things around without making your wall look like it was caught in the line of fire.

3. Find something of sentimental value.

For me, this inspiration came from the kitchen’s of our grandparents. Throughout my entire life, my dad’s parents (Grandma & Grandpa) had 3 jello molds hanging in their kitchen; a heart, a star and some grapes. After their passing, I was fortunate enough to inherit the original grape jello mold:

And I soon picked up my own star at a local antique store.

(These grandparents were the original owners of my dresser turned sidebar.)

Next, a meal-time prayer. Phillip’s father and grandfather conclude each prayer the exact the same way, at nearly every meal, every single day. It’s so precious. The only problem was that each of them prays with the trademark ‘Poarch mumble’ making it a little difficult to agree on the exact wording and so after much discussion, and the input of my mom-in-law Brenda,  here’s what we’ve come up with.

I am so excited for this piece to hang in our home. Although Phillip doesn’t (yet) conclude his prayers this way, I can’t wait to teach our children to pray these words, mumble and all!

Finally, a cutting board from Grandmother Marshall’s house (my mom’s mom). To be honest, I don’t remember my grandmother ever using this board or even seeing it at their house. However we visited my Grandad just after we bought the house and I knew instantly it would be perfect for my wall art. It’s a perfect size, about 6″x6″ and has deep cuts on each side that I’m sure could tells years worth of stories about the food its’ prepared.

4. Add a sticker!

My mom picked this bumper sticker up for me at Penzey’s, our favorite spice store!

5. Use more of what you love!

Last summer for my birthday, I was able to purchase Fiesta’s 75th anniversary soup tureen in marigold and I could not have been more excited! In addition, it came with this certificate of authenticity and this beautiful Christmas ornament.

Again, these were things that I already had and that I already liked. I like them even more now since they’ve become free pieces of art!

6. Perhaps most importantly, love your state.

Though the uninformed may argue, we all know that Texas is the greatest country in the union and to pay homage to that, I hung my beloved Texas cake pan. I mean, doesn’t it just make you want to go take pictures in a bluebonnet field?

To be fair to Phillip, I also found and hung this ceramic spoon rest from his beloved Mississippi. It even depicts his home town, the state capitol, Jackson.

At this point, my wall looked like this but I knew it wasn’t quite complete.

7. Finally, find a quote to tie it all together.

A few months ago, I ran across this quote in Real Simple and I knew immediately that it had to be a part of my home: The pleasures of the table – that lovely old-fashioned phrase – depict food as an art form, as a delightful part of civilized life. In spite of fad foods, fitness programs, and health concerns, we must never lose sight of a beautifully conceived meal. -Julia Child.

And here’s the final product!

So what about you, what objects to you use as art in your home?

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