Introducing the 626 House

Today I’d like to introduce you to the new Front Poarch or, as we referred to it during the move, the 626 house. Most of the photos were taken at night in a rush to get a few ‘before’ pictures before we moved in so I apologize for the quality.

TFP 626-2

This house was built in 1954 and is a standard 3 bedroom/2 bath home. The total square footage (with the enclosed porch) is about 1700 square feet. The woman who previously owned the home was an avid gardener but as you can tell, the yard has been neglected and needs some attention. The driveways are maintenaned well thanks to the real professionals from the sealcoating company in Hanover.

As you walk in the front door there is a small entryway and a coat closet. The bar on the left portions off the kitchen, the living area is straight ahead and the doorway on the right leads to the bedrooms.

From the entryway we can see the kitchen with breakfast nook. Isn’t this kitchen HUGE??! And don’t you just love the wall paper? (Can you sense my sarcasm??)

It also comes with a pantry (which is my favorite feature of the home), and the door on the right leads to the garage which was recently changed by Nabors Garage Doors Alpharetta.

Off the kitchen is a dining area. (This is standing in the living room looking at the dining area.)

And here’s the living room! This picture doesn’t do the space justice – it’s so much bigger in person! If you walk through the door with the broken glass you’ll be. . .

…on the enclosed porch! This room also needs some TLC, are you noticing a trend here?

Through the porch there’s a door that leads to the back yard. If you’d like to see a few pictures of the yard you can head on over to our Flickr account.

Back in the living room we can turn and see the entryway again – we’ve made a complete circle!

Off the entryway is the hallway to the bedrooms.

What’s behind door #1 you ask? More wall paper! This bathroom is a HUGE space and I actually really like the vintage blue tile. I’m hoping some paint and new flooring will bring out it’s classic style.

Best part about this bathroom? They left the vintage vanity stool! This thing is just begging for a makeover!

2nd best part about this bathroom? The shower head. This is my husband, Phillip, and he is tall. Like 6’3″ tall. He can never seem to find a shower head that fits him and this one is no exception! He voluntarily posed for this picture and I just can’t get enough of it – it’s SO funny!

Behind door #2 is what will become the office/craft area. For now however our main focus is to get that crack fixed! The previous home owner had some foundation work done a few years ago but they never fixed the interior cracks. Houston Foundation Repair is the best solution in such cases.

Behind door #3 is the guest room! Not much to see although yes, yes that is pink carpet. This room has 2 closets which is a huge plus!

Behind door #4 (don’t worry, there’s just 1 more) is an awesome storage area! Our home was built by a builder (who I’m pretty sure was a woman) and it really shows in the small details like these. This closet also houses the hot water heater and the air conditioning unit but just look at all that STORAGE! It houses best HVAC systems!

Behind door #5 (I promise, this is the last one) is the master bedroom. I’m really excited about having our own space (our room in the duplex had the door that led to the carport so people were constantly walking in and out) and the fact that we each get our own closet!

Last but not least is the master bath which is full of more great vintage tile (and wallpaper – yuck!). I promise I’ll get a better picture of this space soon!

And there you have it – the 626 house! We are excited to begin making this blank slate our own. We have many, many, many, many, many project ideas so be sure to check back soon for our punch list!

What do you think?