How to Throw an Awesome Party

Last Saturday we celebrated being debt-free, and today I’m here to share 5 awesome party tips! I would have shared this post sooner, but we called a few of our friends and visited an escape game room and rejoiced in our debt-free lifestyle.

How to throw an awesome party -

1. Pick a theme!

Since we were celebrating being debt free we chose a money theme. From the decorations to the food – everything was green!

How to throw a party 9

2. Shop the dollar store.

The first place I go for party inspiration is the dollar store. I always end up purchasing cheap decor and gaining lots of ideas for my theme. For our debt free party I picked up these awesome shades for the kids to play with as well as several bags of coin rolls which I used as filler in large vases.

How to throw a party 43. Make your own decorations.

Use your creativity and get to work! I picked up a few poster boards at the dollar store and made these large, hanging spirals.

How to throw a party 2

4. Use things you already have.

If you’re anything like me, you have lots of items around your home that can be put to good use during a party. As usual, my Fiestaware served food and a few coffee cups doubled as utensil holders. I borrowed 2 large drink dispensers from my mom and reused my placecard holders as food labels.

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A few leftover wine bottles quickly became a centerpiece.How to throw a party 8

5. Simplify your menu.

This one is probably the hardest for me. When it comes to the menu, I tend to dream big. . .. wwaaayyyyy bigger than what I can actually accomplish. This time I went with a few simple items; green fruit, green veggies, grilled chicken and pork skewers, chips and green salsas.

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6. Have fun!

We tried our hand at a few outdoor games, and had a grand night!

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How to throw an awesome party -


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