How NOT to hang a piece of art

Last week, I mentioned in my post about Original Art that I wanted to hang this piece in our dining room.

I decided I to hang in on the wall that joins the kitchen, and set to work ordering a set of  my fail-proof disc hangers.

Once again, I read all of the instructions, cleaned the back of my painting and allowed the appropriate amount of time for the adhesive to get tacky. I then placed weights on the back of each disc and left it to dry over night. The next morning I came back to hang it and as soon as I picked it up I felt the adhesive start to give. . . . .

Yeah, the disc slipped off before I even got it on the wall! As it turns out, 30+ year old masonite board is pretty rough on the back and since disc hangers really need a smooth surface to adhere to, it almost immediately came unglued.

So now I off to figure out plan B. . . . . any suggestions?

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