How Lovely are thy Branches

Our Christmas tree has been up for over a week but I’m just now able to share a few photos with you! As usual, our tree was a group effort and Phillip was pretty ingenious this year. We recently upgraded to a larger tree and so he wasted no time finding a better way to string the lights.

TFP Xmas 1

Yup, that’s right! Lazy Susan to the rescue! Although this may seem a little Clark Griswold-ish it actually worked pretty well. We placed the tree on top of the lazy susan, I sat at the bottom stabilizing and spinning the tree while Phillip added the lights.

TFP Xmas 2

And here’s the finished product!

TFP Xmas 3

Thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law, we already have wrapped presents under the tree! My favorite part of the tree? Our vintage ornaments and spindle, most of which I stole collected from my grandparents house.

TFP Xmas 4

What’s your favorite Christmas decoration?

What do you think?