Hidden Treasure

For me, one big selling point of a home is a fire place. It’s so much more than a visual focal point and I love the idea of gathering with your friends in the winter time to roast marshmallows and watch movies by the fire. When we first looked at our new, layered-stone house, I envision the fireplace would look something like . .. .



or even something like this. . .


However much to my dismay, it actually looks like this. . .

WHAT?? No fireplace? We (obviously) knew there was a chimney but when we walked inside there wasn’t a corresponding fireplace! We did a little investigating and as best we can determine here’s what happened, a previous owner (not the owner that we bought from) didn’t want the fire place so they tore out the stone and covered the space with sheet rock. (Again, who would ever do this?!) It was uncovered at one other point (by the owner that we bought from) when the sheet rock was being replaced but the owner didn’t want to hire out someone to do the mason work and so it was covered up . . . again. The good news is that the chimney is fully functioning but then a new delimma arose, how would we ever find stone that matched the nearly 60 year old exterior? And if we can’t find anything that matched, should we even try? Or should we just pick a new facade for our fireplace unveiling? (These are the things that keep me up at night!)

So that brings us to today and the back yard! (Don’t worry, I’ll tie it all together here in a minute.) When we bought the house the yard looked pretty sad. You could tell that the flower beds and been well planted and tended at one point but hadn’t received much attention in the past few years. In addition, nothing got watered last summer (you know, the one where we had 100+ degree weather for over 80 days!) so most of what was left was dead.

I had noticed a few bricks lining what used to be one of the flower beds so a few weeks ago Phillip and I decided to pull up these bricks so we could more easily tear out the dead plants. I was especially excited because I was pretty sure a few of them were Abilene bricks and I’m always excited to own a piece of history!

I began digging in one corner of our yard, hoping to find maybe 15-20 bricks and be done. Instead what I found was 8-10 bricks and then a really long piece of stone.

There are a few pieces of stone scattered around the perimeter of house like this one and so I didn’t think much of it until I dug up another one, and another one. . . .

. . .and another one. . . until I had gone the entire length of one side of our yard and I had a wheel barrow full.

I then noticed a few more stones along another side of the yard so I started to dig some more with Phillip coming behind me to move the stones I’d already dug out.

He also enjoyed showing off his strength.

Phillip posed for this picture and then, in trying to convince me to put it in this post, said, “Your blog can have funny things on it too!” What a cutie.

Anyways, back to the story, I continued to dig and before I knew it, I had dug up stone along all 4 sides of our back yard! There were WAY more stones than I ever expected! Wow, I thought, this looks like enough stone to build a fire place! I then began to look at them more closely and, in total I pulled probably 6-8 stones that were 4-5′ long and the rest were small pieces ranging from 6″ to 18″. Then it hit me, these are the stones that were pulled out of the original fireplace and the previous owner used them to line her flower beds! Yes! There was hidden treasure in our back yard all along!

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that we have no way of knowing if these were the actual stones from the fireplace but they seem to be the right size and there definitely are enough to rebuild it!

Right now uncovering and rebuilding the fireplace is still on the ‘someday’ list but I’m confident that one day, someday will come and I’ll have a beautiful stone fireplace!

2 thoughts on “Hidden Treasure

  1. Isn’t that the way it always goes…we have one image in our heads and, then, in reality, things are so much different. My husband and I are in the midst of house hunting and I just can’t seem to find anything that matches what I am imagining our home to look like…at least in our price range:P Congrats on the new house!

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