Paint those Pumpkins

Can you believe that Halloween is next week? Say what!? I know, I’m still putting my fall decorations out. . .

Speaking of which, I finally bought some pumpkins last weekend and today one of them got a little face lift.Paint those pumpkins - thefrontpoarch.comI started with this beauty and grabbed my current favorite can of spray paint: gold.

PumpkinIt got a generous coat on one side and then I set to work on the monogram.

Gold PumpkinI painted a P for Poarch although you could go for P for pumpkin as well.

Paint your own pumpkinsThe finished product went on my porch with some other fall decor and there you have it!

Fall Painted Pumpkin

Paint those pumpkins - thefrontpoarch.comEver painted any pumpkins of your own??


Polka Dot Mushroom Tutorial

Summer is upon us and as you know I’ve been working on sprucing up my backyard which is still a HUGE work in progress. This week I took some time to work on the front for a little while and so I’m here today with another garden mushroom tutorial.

Garden Mushroom Tutorial - thefrontpoarch.omSince I made my last piece of garden art, I’ve been on the hunt for another perfect mushroom pairing. I’ve had the most luck finding awesome pieces at the ReStore but I also hunt Goodwill and flea markets. This particular pairing is a large, standard sized vase and the bowl from a light fixture.

Polk Dot Mushroom Before & AfterThere’s no magic to finding the right stem and cap combo, just go with whatever you like!

Start by painting white circle on the inside of you bowl. If you’re using craft paint like I did it will probably take 3 coats. Then paint the entire bowl with the color of your choosing. I opted for red and again it took several coats.

How to paint a polka dot mushroomOnce your paint is dry you’ll want to find a few good sized rocks to put in the bottom of your vase. Without them your mushroom will probably be top heavy and fall over.

Put rocks in the bottom for weightNext, super glue. Spread a thin layer around the top rim and place your mushroom cap on top. I let mine set while we were out of town for the weekend leaving it alone for 2 days would do the trick I think.

DIY Polka Dot MushroomPlace it in your garden and enjoy!

PS – You can also see how I made my original mushroom and how I upcycled that iron pineapple in the background.

Backyard Progress

Remember how I said I was going to work on my back yard last fall?? (And I didn’t) Remember how I also told you it was going to be my spring project? Well, the yard has made a TON of progress but still has a long way to go. Today I thought I’d pop in and share with you the progress so far.

I’ve planted a few herbs that have been alive for more than a week (victory!) Clockwise from the top left they are: Italian basil, red basil, sage, mint and chocolate mint.Backyard Progress 2

We planted a garden! It’s not much to look at but yet but I planted things that fare well in the hot, dry Texas summer. From the right we have: tomatillos and okra, Anaheim and bell peppers, and finally jalapenos. We also used to have some old trees, so we decided to remove them. Check out these tree services if you could also use some help with tree removal. Backyard Progress 3

I also planted some garlic and onions. Leland, our ‘big orange cat’ is very curious about the garden but mainly the sprinkler. He is both intrigued and terrified.

Backyard Progress 4We’ve also gathered a few supplies for the yard most notably of which are some rolls of awesome cedar edging. . . .

Backyard Progress 5 . . . . .and this lovely hammock! (Yes, it’s the garage right now .  .. . I’m working on it with some garage door pros)

Backyard Progress 6Perhaps the greatest transformation in the back yard thus far has been my climbing rose bush. Just to refresh your memory, here’s a picture of it last fall, before we removed the brier bush that was entangled in it.

TFP Yard 4Yuck-o. Here it is today!

Backyard Progress 7If ever in my life I have wanted smell-o-vision it would be right now because man let me tell you, these roses smell great!

Backyard Progress 8How are your spring projects going?