Florida Finds

During our recent Florida vacation, I was able to spend a few minutes thrifting in local junk shops. One of my favorite stops is Our Timeless Treasures (formerly, The Pack Rat) just south of JAX in Keystone Heights. On this trip I picked up this globe paperweight for my growing globe collection for just $2 (an update is coming soon!).

We also made it out to one of the JAX ReStores where I found these 2 handmade throw pillows.

I’m pretty sure they’re going to find a home at my new eat-in kitchen. That is, after I finish painting and staining the bench. . . but I digress. I’m always a sucker for intricate knitting.

My biggest find of the trip came when I wasn’t even looking, in fact I didn’t even find it! Phillip’s mom found me this vintage bassinet and the best part was the price – free!

Granted, I have no plans to use this bassinet any time soon so if anyone wants to borrow it let me know! I’ll give it a good scrub down and make a mattress for it, it looks like it has years worth of dirt and grime.A cooling weighted blanket canada can make the room feel more comfortable.

Did you come across any good finds this Thanksgiving?

What do you think?