Feed the birds, tuppence a bag

One of the first pins I ever pinned on Pinterest was this little teacup bird feeder.


I loved the simplicity of it and I knew I had had dozens of tea cups in the my cabinets that had never been used. So, a few weeks ago I finally pulled them out and began to make my own teacup bird feeders.

I began with my go to 2-part epoxy and glued each cup to it’s saucer.

I let it dry over night and then set to work stringing each cup with fishing line (more on that later).

On my front poarch I screwed 3 j-hooks into the beam directly above the railing and 2 more hooks about 2 feet out on the overhang. I then began to hang the cups and in a few minutes I had this masterpiece!

Since the fishing line is clear, it’s hard to see but basically I took 2 of the cups, green and blue and strung them from the cup handles. With the coral and cream colored cups and used 3 different pieces of fishing line, tied each one to the base and strung it to the ceiling from three different points as you can see here.

**I do recommend wrapping your fishing line around each cup/handle several times to add durability. Remember, these will be outside blowing in the wind and weather so a single line will likely not hold it.

With the addition of my new garden art my front entryway is starting to look well, good! (Please notice my cat who came and posed himself at the exact moment I took the picture.)

The finishing touch? A few spoonfuls of birdseed!

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