Enter the Craig’s List King

The more you get to know the Poarchs, you learn that we rarely pay someone to do something we can do ourselves and because of that we are masters at getting bargains! I started learning the art of wheeling and dealing at a young age watching my parents buy used cars. My Dad, Greg, would do all the research on the car and literally go over every inch to ensure it was in great shape. Once it got the approval from Dad, Mom picked up the baton to close the deal. She would walk into the showroom tell them exactly what she wanted, at what price and how long they had to make it happen. If they didn’t hit her demands within the time limit she was out the door!

My parents didn’t just pick these skills up haphazardly, they were raised this way and trained from a young age. My Dad’s father, Grandaddy, is a master at restoring furniture others threw away because of broken pieces or fire damage. He has given our family countless restored antiques and to this day, at the age of 81,  always has a project going. My Mom’s father (Papa) is the businessman I aspire to be. He built his company upon hard work and integrity and it’s peak he had several franchise stores in northeast Florida.

My love for buying and selling started when I was 16 years old. Our beloved Bertha, a 1987 Buick Century, had come to it’s last days. The car had been passed around our family for years and my Dad made countless patches. The last straw was the connecting rod breaking, it sounded like a hammer on an anvil. My Dad wanted to just junk the car but I saw an opportunity to make some money. I wagered that I could get more money by selling it locally than he could at the junkyard and so it began… He bought me three For Sale signs in which I crafted my master description and to his surprise, I was able to sell that broken car for $300!

Greg and Phillip working on a car, Fall 2011.

Now dubbed the Craig’s List King, I enjoy buying, selling and trading items on Craig’s List and with people we know.The Craig’s List King will feature tips for negotiating, what to look for, and how to get the best deal both when buying and selling. We welcome your comments and questions and be sure to check back soon for our first featured deal!

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