DIY Purse

Last week I had the privilege of attending the birthday party of a 2 year-old family friend from church. This particular little girl is obsessed with my purse, every Wednesday night she goes through the entire thing in search of my apparently one prized possession: lip gloss. Although I decided against giving lip gloss as a gift, I did decide to make her a purse of her own.

I began with this pattern and gathered my remaining supplies.


  • Cream colored canvas
  • Cream colored lace curtain
  • Scissors
  • Cream colored thread
  • Velcro
  • Craft glue
  • Sewing needle

I printed and cut out the pattern (which is only half of the actual purse size) and lined it up with a seam in my fabric. This way, I only had to cut out half of the purse and I was ensured to come out with 2 symmetrical sides.

Once it’s cut out, it will look like this.

I then moved to the lace and followed the same process, cutting out the pattern along the seam, being sure to cut the lace slightly larger than the canvas.

Using my craft glue, and working in small sections, I folded the excess lace over the canvas to give the outside a finished look.

I folded over the side flaps, gluing them to the bottom flap that was folded up last to complete the ‘finished’ look.

I then lined the inside with felt. . . .

. . . added a velcro fastener.. . .

. . . and completed the gift with a few chunky necklaces.


I want one

What do you think?