DIY Mustache Wreath

The weather is turning warmer here in west Texas and I thought it was time to say goodbye to my Winter Wreath and create something fresh for ‘Spring’. Out here Spring is more of a thought than a season, we’re really just waiting for May when scorching temperatures will set in for the long hot summer. That’s beside the point though. . . . I was looking for something fun and spunky and as you know, I always enjoy a wreath that strays from the traditional so after digging through my craft supply stach, the DIY Mustache Wreath was born! (See what I did there?)DIY Mustache Wreath from

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • oval or rectangle shaped canvas
  • paint of choice, I used a can of spray paint I already had, Valspar’s Hacienda Tile
  • large letter of choice, I used P for Poarch and purchased it at Hobby Lobby a few years ago, you can find a similar one here
  • pom-pom ribbon, any color
  • thick, fluffy fringe, about 2″ wide, both of these can be found at a fabric store
  • thick black paper like scrapbooking paper or cardstock
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • staple gun
  • cord or ribbon for hanging the wreath

Mustache Wreath 2

Mustache Wreath 4

Anytime I work on a project outside, our cats always want to steal the lime light. . . . Mustache Wreath 1

. . . . back to what I was saying, start by painting your canvas, mine took 2 coats and I let it dry overnight to cure.

Mustache Wreath 3

Now it’s time to attach your letter to the canvas. Quickly spread a generous amount of hot glue on the back of your letter and press it into the canvas, making sure it is centered and straight. Be sure to let your hot glue cool for a few minutes before moving on.

Next, you’ll need to make your mustache. Depending on the size of your letter and your style preference, you can determine what type and size of mustache you want. I went with the classic handlebar that as about 2″ x 6″.Mustache Wreath 5

I was able to free hand my mustache out of black scrapbooking paper but you could easily cut one out with a Silhouette. Another great option would be to do a Google image search for mustache, print one that you like, cut it out and then trace it onto your paper.

Once your mustache is cut out, glue it to the fringe using your hot glue gun. Give it a minute to set and the begin to trim away the excess fringe. You can thin flip it over to the front and trim it to your taste.

Spring Wreath 1Attach your mustache to your letter with hot glue.

Now it’s time for the finishing touches! Starting at the bottom (it’s the least visible area), attach your pom-pom ribbon using a small drop of hot glue every 2-3″. Work your way around until you get back to the bottom, overlapping the ribbon just slightly so no raw edges are exposed.Mustache Wreath 6Hang it on your front door, step back and admire it!

Mustache Wreath 8

Mustache Wreath 9

Make your own mustache wreath! thefrontpoarch.comCongrats, You did it! Now go tell your friends about the awesome wreath you just made!Make your own Mustache Wreath from




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