DIY Driftwood Art

Our guest bathroom has gone through a lot of changes recently and today I am going to share with you my DIY Driftwood Art.

TFP Driftwood 4

The last time you saw these twigs they were a part of my Faux Mantle over the holidays. I wasn’t ready to part with them so I kept them in my stash until I noticed a blank wall in the bathroom and decided to create some art.

To make your own DIY Driftwood Art here’s what you’ll need:

  • 8-10 twigs of similar size and length
  • fishing wire
  • clear thumb tacks
  • hammer

TFP Driftwood 1

Start with 2 thumb tacks and attach fishing line to each tack. You’ll want the fishing line to be slightly longer than the wall space you want to fill.

I found it easiest to double knot the fishing line to the tack and then hammer it to the ceiling.

TFP Driftwood 2

Hammer each tack to the ceiling, spacing them equally over the wall space you want to cover. (Please disregard my ceiling that hasn’t been cut-in yet. . . and by yet I mean 10 months later.. . . . don’t judge me.)

TFP Driftwood 3

Start by hanging one twig at a time, tying each twig at the desired height and working your way down until the wall looks ‘full’. I double knotted each twig to each fishing line and were about a week in and nothing has fallen. Don’t worry too much about trying to keep the twigs even or straight, a little overlapping gives it m ore character!

TFP Driftwood 5

And there you have it, no more boring wall!

TFP Driftwood 4


Have you ever created art out of another ‘found’ item like twigs?

What do you think?