DIY Dipped Votives

Last week I showed you that I’ve finally made some progress on my big dreams for the guest bath. As promised, I’m back today with the tutorial for these Dipped Votives!DIY Dipped Votives - thefrontpoarchA few weeks ago I ran across these little black votives at Hobby Lobby and I knew they would be perfect for my Under the Sea bath. Don’t they kind of look like urchins??

Dipped Votive 1

To make your own, here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2 small votives
  • paint of your choice
  • string
  • scissors
  • drop cloth
  • place to hang drying votives
  • clothes pins, optional

Dipped Votive 2Using the string, hang each votive so that it can be dipped upside down.

Dipped Votive 3One at a time, dip each votive in the paint and slowly remove it.

Dipped Votive 4Hold the wet votive over the can for a few minutes until the majority of the paint has stopped dripping.

Dipped Votive 5Hang the wet votive over the drop cloth and allow it to dry for 8-10 hours or overnight.

Dipped Votive 6Once the votives are dry, add your candles and you’re done!

Custom Dipped Votive Holders from thefrontpoarch.comHave you ‘dipped’ anything else lately?

What do you think?