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10 days until Christmas! Wow, let me just say that there’s nothing like hosting a major family holiday to get you motivated to finish projects! Yup, that’s right, I painted my dining room. . .

TFP Dinig Room 9

I first mentioned painting my dining room when I went through the saga of trying to hang a piece of original art (Attempt 1, Attempt 2, Attempt 3) and then I just let it sit there.

I often have a pretty detailed plan for upcoming projects . . . and then I get on Pinterest . . . and then I push ‘unimportant projects’ (like painting the dining room) to the side so I can do more fun projects like this DIY Winter Wreath.

But I digress.

All that to say, here’s what the dining room used to look like:

TFP Art Hanging 12

Tan. Lots of tan.

I knew I wanted to colorblock so that it would look more intentional and not like a chair rail that I didn’t put molding on. Figuring out how much would be enough but not too much but with a little trial and error I landed on 24″. I went around the room and marked 24″ down from the crown molding about every 3 feet.

*Tip* If your foundation isn’t level (like mine) you have to decide if you want the line to be the same distance from the ceiling (it won’t look level) or if you want it to move with the foundation so that it will appear level.

TFP Dinig Room 1

From there I taped off a line with the bottom of the tape on my 24″ marks. I chose to let the tape move with the foundation so it’s not exactly 24″ all the way around.

TFP Dinig Room 2

You may remember from the 2012 Poarch Renovation that we had quite the fiasco with our bathrooms and ended up with a lot of extra paint. Thus I grabbed “Bathroom Attempt #1″ Kelly Moore Grey Mare for the top block and the final bathroom paint color Kelly Moore Castle Rock for the bottom block.

TFP Dinig Room 3

After the first coat I knew this could become my new favorite room.

TFP Dinig Room 4

I peeled the tape off and fell in love. Can you say hello beautiful? I half way toyed with leaving the tan as it was but I decided to go all or nothing.

TFP Dinig Room 5

For the bottom block I was able to cut-in an even line so I didn’t have to re-tape anything.

*Tip* I’m really good at cutting in but if you’re not, that’s ok! I would suggest waiting until the top block is completely dry and then taping off the same line before you paint the bottom block.

TFP Dinig Room 7

Needless to say, I. Love. It. I especially love it with my original art, it just makes the colors pop!

TFP Dinig Room 6

So there you have it! What wall in your home do you want to colorblock?

TFP Dinig Room 9


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