Craft Room Reveal

At the end of each summer, I take a week off to rest, relax and catch up on projects around the house. This year was no exception and my major project for the week? Tackling my craft and sewing room! When you last saw it on the house tour, it looked a little like a tornado had blown through it.

After many hours, the help of my wonderful husband, Phillip, and a LOT of organizing, it now looks like this!

For my purposes, the room now has 2 basic functions; sewing corner and craft corner.

The sewing corner provides space for my sewing table and machine, shelving for the growing fabric collection and storage for all of my sewing accessories.

In the middle of the room, Phillip used and old ladder and scavenged pallets to create some much needed shelving.

These shelves allow me to store everything from upcoming projects (like these awesome vintage coasters) to frequently used supplies.

Finally we reach the craft corner!

This allows me space to store craft supplies and large upcoming projects as well as. . . . . (drum roll please)

My brand new SILHOUETTE CAMEO!!!! Can you tell I’m really excited about it? I made a few small projects over the weekend and I can’t wait to use it even more!

Do you have a room/space devoted just to your creative side?

What do you think?