Couch Update

So I’ve made another small update to my living room. . . .

. . . can you spot it?

I’ll give you another hint.

So one of the things that I loved about our couch from the beginning was its sleek modern style but I knew I needed a mid-century touch to tie it in with the rest of our furniture. After a little research, I found these tapered legs at Home Depot and although our local store only had 2 in stock I was able to pick up the rest (11 in total) up on a recent out-of-town weekend.

I tried them on our matching chair first and I knew they would be perfect.

I grabbed an extra piece of cardboard from the garage and set-up a small station, punching holes in the cardboard to rest each leg on.

After a few coats of our favorite stain. . .

my little legs were ready to go!

What do you think?

What do you think?