Bathroom Sign

A few weeks ago  I mentioned on my Facebook page that after months of searching, I’d finally found the perfect piece to finish a project – and it was in our garage of all places! So rewind to Christmas 2011, Phillip and I helped put together a few stockings for a local non-profit called Connecting Caring Communities. One of the items we made for the stockings was a miniature chalkboard. Once the stocking were assembled, I had a few chalkboards left over and added them to my supply pile, knowing I would use them for something someday.

In February we moved into this house and I knew I wanted the guest bath to be ocean/beach themed. I immediately thought of my 4 lonely, miniature chalkboards and began my hunt for some type of wood/frame/statement piece to mount them on. That brings us to last week, we were out of drop cloths and I was rummaging through the garage trying to find something to paint on and that’s when I saw it, a scrap piece plywood that was the perfect length and height.

I set to work right away, and similar to my DIY ladder, I used a cloth to ‘wash’ on a rough coat of white paint.

I then turned to my handy dandy glue gun and attached each board.

It still looked a little bare so after running through a couple of other options, I decided all it really needed was a little paint.

Once you round the corner from the entryway, you’re now greeted by this little beauty!

The rest of my beach bathroom renovation is coming next week when Phillip’s parents will be visiting us from the great state of Florida! Hideous wall paper – your days are numbered, you’re going down!

What do you think?