Bathroom Paint Reveal

We found a paint color! I’m so excited to share this some-what of a reveal with you! Before we see the after, let’s remember what we began with. Here’s the bathroom as we saw it in the House Tour I did this summer. I like to call this phase the “plaid wallpaper saturation” phase.

Please also notice the blue curtain rod and blue shower curtain.

And who could forget the hideous light fixture with not 1, not 2, but 3 different light bulbs!

Whew! This room was in desperate need of a rescue. We then ripped down the wall paper and went through the great paint fiasco of 2012.

That brings us today, where I’m happy to announce that we finally found a paint color that we LOVE! We ended with Kelly Moore’s Castle Rock. Aren’t you just dying to see it? Here it is!

Ahhhh. . . doesn’t it just make you feel relaxed? We also found a light fixture that I liked and that lit the whole room.

Blue & gray. It could be my new favorite!

The master bathroom also got a fresh coat of paint.

It however, still has the ugly light fixtures. One step at a time. At least these all have matching bulbs.

For now the master bath is done but I’ve got big plans for the guest bath before the end of the year. First things first, we need a new shower rod and I hope to paint a new shower curtain.

Also on my list is refinishing this original to the house vanity stool

What do you think of the new paint color? Could blue and gray be a new color combo in your home?

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