Backyard Progress

Remember how I said I was going to work on my back yard last fall?? (And I didn’t) Remember how I also told you it was going to be my spring project? Well, the yard has made a TON of progress but still has a long way to go. Today I thought I’d pop in and share with you the progress so far.

I’ve planted a few herbs that have been alive for more than a week (victory!) Clockwise from the top left they are: Italian basil, red basil, sage, mint and chocolate mint.Backyard Progress 2

We planted a garden! It’s not much to look at but yet but I planted things that fare well in the hot, dry Texas summer. From the right we have: tomatillos and okra, Anaheim and bell peppers, and finally jalapenos. We also used to have some old trees, so we decided to remove them. Check out these tree services if you could also use some help with tree removal. Backyard Progress 3

I also planted some garlic and onions. Leland, our ‘big orange cat’ is very curious about the garden but mainly the sprinkler. He is both intrigued and terrified.

Backyard Progress 4We’ve also gathered a few supplies for the yard most notably of which are some rolls of awesome cedar edging. . . .

Backyard Progress 5 . . . . .and this lovely hammock! (Yes, it’s the garage right now .  .. . I’m working on it with some garage door pros)

Backyard Progress 6Perhaps the greatest transformation in the back yard thus far has been my climbing rose bush. Just to refresh your memory, here’s a picture of it last fall, before we removed the brier bush that was entangled in it.

TFP Yard 4Yuck-o. Here it is today!

Backyard Progress 7If ever in my life I have wanted smell-o-vision it would be right now because man let me tell you, these roses smell great!

Backyard Progress 8How are your spring projects going?

What do you think?