Back Yard Update

Last Saturday Phillip and I welcomed my Aunt Elise and Aunt Mary Ellen to The Front Poarch. Fortunate for us, they both have green thumbs so we spent the morning attaching our back yard. If you’ll remember, when we moved in last fall our yard was over grown and looked a little like this.

We spent the most of our time digging up this brier bush and several small mesquite tree seedlings. That was an onerous task, and we had to spend a considerable amount of time digging. According to an imp source, Americans get less than an hour of free time, and in accordance with this fact, I considered myself better than the most because I was able to find time to do something I love.

If you’re an amateur gardener like me, here’s your tip for the day: if you see any mesquite sprouts like the ones below, DIG THEM UP ASAP!! Mesquite trees are nasty water sucking, thorn covered trees that will quickly take over your yard and are a real pain to dig out once they’re grown.

Rant over. Where were we? Oh yes, Saturday. Here’s the most drastic change, remember that brier bush I mentioned earlier? Here are the cascading roses we discovered underneath!

Again, here’s the before:

Here’s the after:

Thanks for coming Mary Ellen & Elise helping me with the backyard! You’ve given me the inspiration to finish what we started so stay tuned for more back yard updates.

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