An Unintended Collection

Have you ever started a collection. . . . without meaning to?Globe Collection 5

What I mean by that is, have you ever ‘shopped’ your house and found you have collected one particular item, without realizing it? I have. It’s globes.

Globe Collection 1

And now they’re on display in my guest room. And I love them.

Globe Collection 2

Since noticing my collection a few months ago, I’ve been on the hunt for a few more. 2 large globes are now the base of my collection. . .

Globe Collection 3. . . and these three smaller ones round it out. (See what I did there?)

My favorite? This little gem, with the signs of the Zodiac around the base.

Globe Collection 4

Globe Collection 6Have you ever accidentally collected anything?


2 thoughts on “An Unintended Collection

  1. YES! I accidentally started a globe collection myself! I love globes and maps and I have no idea what I’ll ever do with them lol. I love your globe with star signs..ok I’ll admit it…I also collect books and such with astrological signs.

    Jenny from

    • Awesome! I’m glad to know I’m not alone! Have you thought about making a reading corner with maps on the wall and your astrological books on a small bookshelf??

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