A New Year: New Command Center

So in keeping with January being National Organizing Month, I thought I would take time to do something about our . . . well, ugly mail situation. Here is the before:TFP Command 1

Yeah, uninspiring to say the least. It served it’s purpose but it was just so . . . blah. Anyways, I’ve been trying to find a good place to hang a monthly calendar and I determined that this would be the winner. My original plan was to paint the existing mail holder and make a calendar frame but I wasn’t quite wowed by the idea. One day I was walking by the mail holder and started thinking about the Pantry Makeover, my first major project in this house. . . how much fun it was, how functional it is and then I remembered my favorite part. . . the Spice Containers. Then it hit me, I could make a command center using a large piece of sheet metal!

So off to Lowe’s I went and purchased a 18″x24″ piece of sheet metal. Phillip hung it for me and in just a few short hours, I had this beauty.

TFP Command 3

TFP Command 2

I made a new mail holder using a pattern from One Yard Wonders, which by the way is a FABULOUS book! I think they should also call them 30-minute Wonders because in I was able to churn this baby out in less than 30 minutes! I did alter the pattern a little bit in that instead of installing grommets I glued magnets to the inside of the backing piece so that the entire thing would be supported and firmly secured to the sheet metal.

TFP Command 4

[Fabric from Hancock Fabrics.]

I created this custom subway art using the lyrics of this song which has become our 2013 anthem.

TFP Command 6

These monthly calendars were a free download from ellinee.com.

TFP Command 8

TFP Command 7

Happy Organizing Month everyone! What projects do you hope to tackle?

What do you think?