A New Front Door

In the first part of December I got attend a conference for my job in San Diego and while I was gone Phillip was busy at home working on a surprise for me. The last time you saw my front door was in the first part of December when I made this DIY Winter Wreath.

DIY Winter Wreath from The Front Poarch

It wasn’t a bad door but it just didn’t really inspire me. Luckily our neighbors got a new front door and were looking to give their old one away so I snatched it up and stored it in the garage. In July. Yup, that’s right, 5 months ago.

TFP Front Door 1

And not only that, I actually sanded, primed and painted it. In August.

TFP Front Door 10

TFP Front Door 4

After a lot of procrastination, here’s what it looked like when I got home!

TFP Front Door 12

Isn’t it beautiful? Phillip and our friend Jay had to re-drill the knob hole. . .

TFP Front Door 6

. . . and remount the hinges.

TFP Front Door 8

I love that you can see it peeking around the corner.

TFP Front Door 14

TFP Front Door 13

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