A fresh coat of paint

When I left you last, the view from our front door looked like this: (with the exception of our new couch)

However after a fresh coat of paint, it now looks like this!

Isn’t it just a huge breath of fresh air??

A few months ago Phillip and I stumbled upon two gallons of Behr Premium Plus, Self Priming Interior Eggshell in Polar Drift on clearance for just $7 a piece! I originally thought the color would be more gray but for $14 I couldn’t really walk away empty handed.

My favorite section of the room? Definitely our reading nook with our recently added smoking chair and record player. Doesn’t it just pop??

Here’s a few more for you to drool over.

So now that the walls are painted, I’m onto my next big projects for this room:

  1. A proper entertainment center so I can get my end table and kitchen towel back (classy I know), and
  2. Reupholstering this chair

Any suggestions on a color or fabric?

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