A Florida Thanksgiving

How is Thanksgiving already over? I am always amazed by how quickly this time of year flies by. We spent our Thanksgiving holiday making our annual trek to Jacksonville, Florida to visit Phillip’s family. As in years past, we made the ‘crazy people’ choice and elected to drive the 20+ hours from Abilene to Jacksonville. Needless to say, we spent LOTS of time in the car. LOTS. We saw plenty of fall leaves and went out of our way to drive through the underground tunnel in Mobile, AL.

We saw our fare share of interesting vehicles as well. The top photo says, “Haulin’ Liquid Chicken”. Gross. We ran across the zero-down truck while listening to Dave Ramsey pod-casts, ironic much?

In Jacksonville, we had the great privilege to walk around and pick citrus from a private 13-acre orchard complete with pine cone lilies, a coy pond and banana trees!

We also made the short drive to St. Augustine and walked the windy beach on a (cold for Florida) winter day.

And just before we left, we decked a few halls, exchanged a few early Christmas gifts and visited with our Florida family.

How did you spend Thanksgiving?

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