A Comfy New Couch

A few weeks ago I left a teaser on our Facebook page about some new seating for our living room and so without further adieu, here’s our new sectional!

I’d been scouring Craig’s List for the past 6 months looking for the perfect sectional, unfortunately most of what I found was really over priced or ugly. . . . . or both. We looked at a few furniture stores but as you all know, the Craig’s List King doesn’t like to pay retail.

Finally, at the end of July, I spotted this beauty and I knew it would be coming home with us, the old one we took to a cleaners to https://www.kodiakclean.com/ to get it as clean as new so we could sell it.

It’s made of cream corduroy and withstood it’s first big test last Sunday – we made it through Life Group with 17+ adults and babies with no stains or spills!

It also came with an arm chair (which still needs to be steam cleaned!).

Now we just need to get rid of our old couches, anybody interested?

Now the only problem is, if you give a mouse a cookie, he’s going to want something to drink. . . . . so now I’m off to paint my living room! After all, who ever wanted a cream colored couch and tan colored walls?

2 thoughts on “A Comfy New Couch

  1. I came upon a few corduroy couches on CL and had to have them, but once we got them home we noticed there are quite a few spots and stains (Normal wear and tear). I am feeling a little discouraged.. did you have yours cleaned or did your couch come home spotless? I’m wondering if a professional cleaning might be worth the money. Thanks so much! Looks great!

    • Great question! We really lucked out with this particular couch because it had been well cleaned and was being stored in a storage unit. After a few months of regular wear and tear though it was in need of a steam cleaning. We were able to take the couch cushions off and wash those and clean the rest of the upholstery with a car attachment from a steam cleaner. Hope that helps!

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