A Chalkboard Wall

A few weeks ago when I updated you on the new coat of paint in the living room, I left out one small detail. . . .

I painted the entryway as well using my own chalkboard paint! I found several tutorials on Pinterest and I found the most popular formula to be 2 Tbs. Unsanded Grout to every 1 c. paint of your choice. I read a few reviews that voiced concerns  about thickness and overall goopyness of this recipe and while I ran into a few of these issues, my advice is to keep stirring. Chalkboard paint is like gravy, you have to keep stirring until you get all of the lumps out.

So far the wall has been VERY popular with our friends and guests. We already have a small mural going!

From the top left we have a rendition of Phillip/Guy Fieri, (clockwise) a self portrait of my friend Becca and a beautiful ocean scene, complete with a sailboat and treasure chest.


Have you ever ‘chalkboarded’ a part of your house?

What do you think?