3rd Times a Charm

So while waiting for another great idea on how to hang my troublesome painting I did manage to at least come up with a few fall decorations for my dining room.

But that doesn’t really have anything do with this ongoing saga. After my latest attempt, my brother the engineer suggested I epoxy the 3M strips to the back of my painting. Of course, as luck would have the one night I had time to glue and set the strips was the one night I realized I was out of epoxy. So in a pinch super glue had to do.

I glued and weighted each strip and let them dry over night.

The next morning with waited breath, I slowly pressed each velcro strip together and stepped back. . . .

It stayed! Isn’t it beautiful??

And the best part? After 8 hours at work, it was still hanging!

I was hoping I could call this room ‘done’ (for now) but we all know that if you give a mouse a cookie, he’s going to want something to drink. I now have the urge to paint the walls . . . and since I already have the paint. . . and my weekend is looking pretty open. . .

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