2014 Christmas Stockings

That’s right, you read correctly, I’ve already got 2014 Christmas plans in the works.

You see, in my family, each ‘kid’ has an elaborate Christmas stocking that looks something like this.

Original StockingPretty awesome, huh? They’re made from a kit and the company, Bucilla, is still in business today. (Sold here)

Since Phillip joined our family almost 5 years ago I’ve felt bad that he hasn’t had a ‘matching’ stocking and with the soon-to-be addition of my sister-in-law Elizabeth, I decided to take the plunge and make one for both of them.

Bucilla Stocking Kit

I ordered a kit for each one of them and I’m starting now with the goal of having them completed by Christmas. I feel like it is a bit lofty but still attainable. To keep things organized, I purchased a small, shoe box sized plastic bin for each kit.

Organized Stocking Kits

There are THOUSANDS of tiny pieces!!

Stocking Kit Details

So wish me luck and I’ll keep you posted!

What do you think?