Meet Scarlett

Meet Scarlett.

TahoeShe’s the answer to our circle prayers.

As I mentioned earlier this week, this year Phillip and I each read a book called The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson and it completely revolutionized the way we pray. From that time we began to make circle prayers and shortly afterward felt the call to give away our Trailblazer. We asked God to do 1 of 2 things 1) provide us the ability to be a 1 car family (which again, was totally doable because I walk to work), or, 2) provide us with another car.  Red Chevy Tahoe

When we got back from Florida, we pressed forward with option 1, after all, it was the most logical, the most simple. We scheduled our week so that Phillip could have the car the majority of the time and I could drop him off on the days that I needed it. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

That was Tuesday.

“We could easily do this for a year!” we thought. . . .

Then Wednesday morning someone posted Scarlett on Craig’s List for roughly 1/3 of her value. We hesitated, assuming God had already answered our prayer but we couldn’t ignore it so we reluctantly went to look at her that afternoon. Turns out someone had keyed almost every body panel thus the reduction in price and if you know anything about the Craig’s List King, you know this is our kind of deal.

2004 Chevy TahoeSo 4 days after we returned from Florida, there we sat, overwhelmed by the loving nature of our God who provides more than we could ask or imagine AND the new owners of Scarlett the 2004 Tahoe.

A One-way Ticket Home

As part of our end-of-the-summer rest we made our annual trip to visit Phillip’s family. I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with driving the 20+ hours from our house to Jacksonville. It’s such a joy to have those days to rest, read and engage in meaningful conversation but by the time we get there, we’re always wishing we could just fly home.

So that’s exactly what we did.

Hughey P. Long BridgeBefore we left Texas we deep cleaned my Trailblazer, loaded up some rough cut wood from my parent’s farm, bought 2 one-way tickets home and told Phillip’s parents almost nothing about our plans. As it turns out, it’s really hard to plan a surprise from 4 states away.

Trailblazer with woodEarlier this spring we each read a book called The Circle Maker (more on that later) and since that time felt like we were supposed to give this car away. [Side note: my day job is about 1/3 mile a from our house so I walk to work everyday and rarely drive my car.] We knew we wanted to give it to Phillip’s parents and so after months of planning, we arrived in Florida and surprised them with ‘Little Sis’ as she has now been dubbed.


And as wonderful as it was to hop on a plane and be back in Texas in less than 4 hours, it was even greater to hear the call of God and answer it.

“From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.” Luke 12:48



And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.

I don’t know that I’ve ever told you this before but in addition to writing this blog I also have a full time, year round job at ACU Leadership Camps. I love my work there and have the unique privilege of seeing the Kingdom come to earth in real and tangible ways.

I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Come May – August though, it kicks my butt.

Big time.

Suffice to say, I’m still recovering from the 2013 season.

I’ll be back soon with lots of updates (we’ve been traveling and have recently made a big purchase). In the meantime, thanks for resting with me.


Master Bath Updates

The 2013 House Tour is done and as promised our master bathroom has gotten some much need updates. Here are a few real life before shots.
Master Bath BeforeMast Bath Blank SlateOur primary need for this space was additional storage. Although we have a lot of cabinet space our counter space is pretty limited. Since the sink is a stand alone, we usually end up with a mess similar to this.Master Bath Messy CounterYikes.

After some searching we purchased 3 of these shelves from IKEA and 2 now hang above the laundry hamper and toilet.

Master Bath with shelvesMaster Bath New Towels

Master Bath with Organization

The third one we cut down to fit on our existing cabinet and is now my ‘getting-ready’ station. Check out that clean countertop!
Master Bath Organized

Last but not least, we added a small hook for my bathrobe!

Master Bath RevealMaster Bath Robe Hook

Have I ever told you a pocket door separates the master bathroom from our bedroom?

Pocket Door on BathoomYup, she’s a beaut.

2013 House Tour: Part 3

The Front PoarchHello and welcome to the final installment of our 2013 House Tour here at The Front Poarch! Last week I showed you the front of our house and the new sectional we found on Craig’s List, not onto the rest of the house!

Just off the entryway, is the main hallway . . .

House Tour Hallway Entry. . . which got a major face lift this spring. 2012 House Tour Hallway

House Tour HallwayOff the hallway you’ll find all 3 bedrooms and 2 baths.

House Tour Hallway LayoutThe guest bath is up first, do you remember the plaid wall paper?2012 House Tour Guest BathThe look of this bathroom changed drastically when we removed the wall paper, textured and painted the walls. We also created a custom sign and more recently, reupholstered the vanity stool and made some DIY Dipped Votives.

House Tour Guest Bath

The blue curtain and rod got replaced by this DIY Bubble Shower Curtain and after Christmas I also made some custom driftwood art.

2012 House Tour BathHouse Tour Shower Curtain

The office has gotten some major organization, although still lacking a real design direction.

2012 House Tour OfficeHouse Tour OfficeMy sewing corner is up and running and I finally have a permanent home for my Silhouette and my new computer!

House Tour Sewing CornerHouse Tour Sewing DetailsHouse Tour Craft CornerThe guest bedroom got a lot of attention when we first moved in and probably went through the least amount of change in the past year.

2012 House Tour Guest RoomHouse Tour Guest Bedroom

We did add a few pieces of original art and the ever-increasing globe collection.

House Tour Guest RoomHouse Tour Guest Room DetailsI had to hunt for a decent picture of the master from last summer, that has to tell you something about how much I wasn’t a fan of it. The theme continues, tan tan and more tan.

2012 Hour Tour MasterJust before summer started, I redid the entire room including painting a stripe all the way around the room. . . .
House Tour Master BedroomHouse Tour Master Dresser. . . painting this hutch to create a reading nook and creating a custom jewelry displayHouse Tour Master Reading NookLast but not least, the master bath!

2012 House Tour Master Bath

After we took down the wallpaper and painted the bathroom, not much has changed but be sure to stay tuned because big updates are coming next week!
House Tour Master BathHouse Tour Master Bathroom

That’s all for this year and I can’t wait to see what big changes the 2014 tour will bring!