The Man Behind the Blog

I have come to believe that behind every great DIY blog, there is a great man.

This blog is no exception.

The Man 11And today, out of all the days of the year, happens to be this great man’s very special day. Today is his birthday.

He’s my IT guy and my accountant, he does my marketing and runs that analytics stuff.

The Man 3He’s my muscle and my furniture commandeer-er. The Man 4He’s my all around handy man, my carpenter. . .Cutting Hutch Backing. . . and my holiday chef.

The Man 5

He voluntarily vacuums our house. . .

The Man 9. . . and our stove. . .

The Man 7

. . . and he takes me to the beach in the middle of November when it’s drizzling and no one else is there because it’s freezing cold and I just have to go because we’re so close and I might not make to the beach again for a long, long time.The Man 14But most of all, he’s my best friend. We do this thing called life together and it is joy and an honor each and every day.

The Man 15And because of all the wonderful things he is and all the wonderful things he does, we are able, together, to write this little blog we call The Front Poarch.

The Man 8Happy Birthday Phillip!

Master Reno: Hutch

When I hit the Mid-Century Furniture Jackpot a couple of weeks ago I knew that the 2-piece hutch was going to be my favorite piece. As we were purchase the furniture I noticed a small tear in the veneer and optimistically thought, oh I can easily fix that!Hutch LaminateWhat I didn’t realize was that the crack wasn’t just surface level, it went all the way through!

Hole in VeneerSo in lieu of trying to repair a section of the veneer we opted instead to create a new backing for the entire piece. We started with 1/8″ plywood and used the old backing as template to cut the new one.

Cutting Hutch Backing

It then got primed and painted coral, the same color as my headboard. The handy husband then re-attached it for me.Nailing Hutch Backing

And here’s the finished product!

Master Reno 2

Painted Hutch RenovationReading Nook - thefrontpoarch.comEver repaired veneer successfully??

Master Reno: Jewelry Display

As a part of our Master Bedroom Renovation, I sold my large vanity and created this jewelry display using the low dresser from the mid-century furniture jackpot.Master Bedroom Reno 3I started with 2 large frames from my stash. . .

Frames for jewelry station. . . that got a few coats of gold paint.

Frames for jewelry displayI picked up some cup hooks and Lowe’s and placed each frame in our vice grip using a washcloth as a bumper. This kept the frame steady enough to drill holes in, without damaging the new paint job.

Jewelry display - thefrontpoarch.comI drilled holes along the inner rim of the top of each frame, screwed in the hooks and hung my necklaces on them!

Hooks on Jewelry Display

Jewelry Display from

Hanging jewelry display

I also found this small vase at the dollar store and dipped it, similar to what I did with my Dipped Votives.

Dipped vase for braceletsIt now holds bracelets next to the dessert stand that I found at Goodwill.

Jewelry Table -

This small frame got a fresh coat of paint and now holds all my fabric flowers.

Jewelry Table from the

Jewelry Display Table -

How do you display your jewelry?

Master Reno: Reveal

For a while now I’ve been working on renovating our master bedroom and I have to say, it’s been quite a challenge. This was the last room in the house that I’ve done because for many, many months I didn’t have any inspiration. I wanted some that felt warm and inviting without being too girly and that is where my greatest challenge came. A few weeks ago I stumbled upon navy and coral and I knew I was in love.

Enough of me talking . . . here’s the big reveal!

Coral & Navy Master Bedroom -

Master Bedroom Reveal - thefrontpoarch.comMr. & Mrs. Pillow from the

Our dresser got some custom artwork and a new charging station.

Master Bedroom Reno 1Master Bedroom Reno 2

Next to the closets I created a jewelry station.Master Bedroom Reno 3And in the other corner, a reading nook with a certain mid-century hutch.Master Reno 1Master Reno 2What’s behind all those pillows?

Coral Headboarch - thefrontpoarch.comThis beauty.Coral Headboarch 1 - thefrontpoarch.comMaster Reno 3

Just as a refresher, here’s what it looked like before. . .

TFP Master 1Here’s the after!

Master Bedroom Reveal -


DIY Dipped Votives

Last week I showed you that I’ve finally made some progress on my big dreams for the guest bath. As promised, I’m back today with the tutorial for these Dipped Votives!DIY Dipped Votives - thefrontpoarchA few weeks ago I ran across these little black votives at Hobby Lobby and I knew they would be perfect for my Under the Sea bath. Don’t they kind of look like urchins??

Dipped Votive 1

To make your own, here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2 small votives
  • paint of your choice
  • string
  • scissors
  • drop cloth
  • place to hang drying votives
  • clothes pins, optional

Dipped Votive 2Using the string, hang each votive so that it can be dipped upside down.

Dipped Votive 3One at a time, dip each votive in the paint and slowly remove it.

Dipped Votive 4Hold the wet votive over the can for a few minutes until the majority of the paint has stopped dripping.

Dipped Votive 5Hang the wet votive over the drop cloth and allow it to dry for 8-10 hours or overnight.

Dipped Votive 6Once the votives are dry, add your candles and you’re done!

Custom Dipped Votive Holders from thefrontpoarch.comHave you ‘dipped’ anything else lately?

Bathroom Update

As most projects go, I have a lot of inspiration in the beginning and am really excited about the ‘reveal’. That is until I get bitten by the next inspiration bug and move onto another project. This is exactly what happened with the guest bath. At the first of the year I had BIG dreams for this space, and even painted a shower curtain and made some art, but did I make that bubble chandelier? Nope. Haven’t even thought about it.

Today I’m here to tell you that I have made a few small updates, here’s what the guest bath is looking like these days.

Bathroom Update 4I finally made myself sit down and reupholster this original-to-the-house vanity stool.

Bathroom Update 1I won’t be posting a tutorial, but the process I used was pretty similar to my recently redone foot stool (or these dining room chairs).

Bathroom Update 2Here’s the finished product and I am kicking myself for waiting so long to do this! Check out this beauty!

Bathroom Update 3On our anniversary getaway a few weeks ago I picked up this shelving unit from Ikea. I’ve been hoping to find a small shelf for several months now and I just kept coming back to this one so we took the plunge and bought it!

When we moved in last year, I quickly figured out that this bathroom was going to need some more storage space. The plumbers installed reliable faucets and sinks. Although the counter is really long, it’s also really narrow which means that after you put a few decorations out guests barely have any room for their toiletries.

Bathroom Update 5And these beauties on top? I purchased them at Hobby Lobby and the ‘upgraded’ them. A tutorial is coming later this week!

DIY Dipped Votives - thefrontpoarch

Have you made any small progress on a big project lately?